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3HPartners is a strategic consulting boutique that offers business solutions in all the industry and services sectors


The distinctiveness of 3HPartners is based on two strategic pillars


Co-creation of change together with the users

This allows change to be focused on the stakeholders’ needs with 3 clear benefits:

Sterilizing the «not invented here» syndrome

Leveraging firm's know how

Maximizing the returns of change and innovation


Rapid field tests involving the users of the change

This allows the concepts of change and innovation to be refined with 3 clear benefits:

Identifying what works in the application of change / innovation and reviewing what doesn't

Creating a bottom-up incentive model for change

Estimating the real impacts of change and innovation based on real evidence


We've worked with firms undertaking challenging initiatives


3HPartners pragmatically supports companies through the application of five proprietary protocols

How to develop and execute successful strategies?


Innovative approach used to develop strategic plans, at each level, with concrete initiatives defined on a roadmap with KPIs to measure their effectiveness. It’s developed along with the management and builds strategic skills through teamwork


  • Co-creation along with the Management of the long-term vision and a better end-to-end understanding of the business
  • Promoting growth in the management of current businesses and identifying new growth paths
  • Prioritizing initiatives to achieve strategic goals
  • Improving the sustainability of the business and the organization

What are the concrete levers of innovation and change to be implemented?


Creativity and pragmatism to create concept ideas along with the Project Teams, leveraging on internal skills. These concepts are to be tested on the market and on the real needs of consumers


  • Identifying best practices in terms of innovation processes
  • Identifying the stakeholders involved, their role and engagement model
  • Identifying what the market really wants through the vivid and latent needs of all players in the value chain

How to develop a successful digitization program?


Design and co-creation of a new digital approach to optimize processes (internal and external) with an Agile approach and improve businesses (traditional and non-traditional)


  • Identifying real digital transition opportunities
  • Identifying the process managers involved and their respective roles
  • Intercepting and validating the new needs of process managers
  • Periodically checking the digitalization work performed and update it

How to speed up innovation by increasing the chances of success?


Learning by doing applied and monitored, where the final output comes from the continuous improvement of initial hypotheses. The field testing and the real feedback allows the identification the real market demand


  • Quickly checking and modifying the working hypothesis by monitoring KPIs
  • Basing continuous improvement on inputs received from process stakeholders (input fact based but no desk hypothesis)
  • Minimizing the cost and risks of implementation, focusing investments only on high value elements

How to support innovation and change in sales?


Pragmatic methodology that helps to co-create new sales approaches and review strategic processes with which to compete in the new customer-company context


  • Understanding the needs and outcomes customers want to achieve
  • Segmenting customers in terms of addable value
  • Mapping new customer decision-making mechanisms
  • Adapting sales approach to new needs

We've worked with firms undertaking challenging initiatives

We've worked with firms undertaking challenging initiatives

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